Spring Monday Park Competition - 2021

WHEN: 6 September to November, finals in December
WHERE: Timbrell Park, Five Dock
COST: $80 per player

Team regos – closes 25 July now extended to 15 August
Player regos – due 15 August

COMPS: The following ages will be offered, similar to last season;

Ages Year of birth
Under 7s 2014 - 2016
8/9yrs 2012 - 2013
10/11yrs 2010 - 2011
12/13yrs 2008 - 2009
14/15yrs 2006 - 2007
Under 18s (Opens) 2003 - 2005

COMPETITION RULES: It is strongly advised that you first read and familiarise yourself with the rules which govern our competition.

GRADING: Where there are multiple grades for an age division the manager will be required to nominate a grade, the final decision regarding of each team will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee having regard to player experience and previous results. This year there will be a limit of 5 JSC rep players per team, if a team has more than this limit they may be graded into a higher age division. The final grading decision will be at the discretion of the Committee. It is important to enter into the proper division having regard to the experience of your team. We will review teams and players on registration and reserve the right to move into more appropriate divisions assessing from player experience and previous results before the competition commences. Our strong preference is to not have to move teams once the competition has commenced as it causes disruption and potential inequality to re-allocate teams in different divisions so it is important to choose correct division.

EQUIPMENT: Each team will be provided with a match ball. Only moulded boots are allowed, no metal studs. Reversible singlets from last season can be used.

TIMES: 25 minute games, touch down turnaround. The game times should be similar to previous years, ie younger ages play from 4pm and the older ages play progressively later until the 7.30pm time slot, under 18 games will return to Monday night. Times will be announced once registrations are finalised and the draw prepared.

DUAL REGO: Those players registering in 2 teams should be aware of possible time clashes. Please also be aware that no fixture adjustments will be made to accommodate individual players. A Division 1 player must register in a Division 1 second team. Please also be aware that no fixture adjustments will be made to accommodate players when Semis & GFs are scheduled as we cannot cater for all circumstances. So please choose carefully when registering in a second team. See below registration details.

SCHEDULE: the draft schedule is to play the first two rounds from 6 September, break for school holidays, return on 4 October for rounds 4 to 10 and play finals on 29 November and 6 December. The schedule will be confirmed once registrations are completed.

MANAGERS: all teams must have an adult responsible (as Manager) for the team and set up the team registration in The Manager will also be the contact point for BJTA communications.

ACTIVE KIDS: There is an option to use the active kids voucher and in 2021 we are offering additional merchandise to be included in the standard registration cost to use the full value of the voucher being $100. Please select the 'free hat' option when registering (priced online for $20). We are unable to provide any refunds of active kids vouchers and will only refund registration fees under exceptional circumstances.

TEAM REGO: Managers are directed to the MySideLine Website and follow these steps;

  1. Select appropriate age and grade, please review full list of options to select the correct grade
  2. Enter team name and enter managers contact details
  3. You will then receive an email containing links to forward on to your players to register into the team

2nd TEAM REGO: players wanting to play in a second team must register and pay fees by using the 2nd team registration link. Once you have registered please email with name of the second team you wish to join.

LOOKING FOR A TEAM: players looking to be placed in a team should register into either the Boys/mixed competition or the Girls competition and we will try to form a new team for your child.

REFEREES: To register your interest in becoming a referee please complete the following online registration form. Referees must be 14 years old and be expected to complete Level 1 course during season if not already qualified.

MORE INFO: If you would like to be added to our mailing list please complete this form. For more information regarding registrations please email our Registrar at

Picture of Timbrell Park