• Re-grading of teams in their divisions after this week
  • Game time changes for Wednesday competition, for this week


We are now in the process of reviewing and recalibrating team gradings. This process will be completed prior to the commencement of Tuesday round 5 and Wednesday round 6.

Balmain Logo with orange Steeden ball A reminder to all team mangers – We have examples of players / teams who are not signing on using the QR code. Please ensure to use the QR codes posted around the clubhouse. Please approach the clubhouse should you have difficulties signing on.
There is a minimum of 5 competition games that the individual player needs to complete in order to qualify for the final series. The above QR code is the mechanism to record matches played.
Player registration will close 5pm, 1st December.  Please ensure any player additions are completed prior to this deadline.  

Game Times Changed for Wednesday Games This Week

State of Origin banner As many of you would be aware, there is a hometown State of Origin being played this Wednesday night, 11th November.
After careful consideration and a view to mitigate anticipated team forfeits, BTFA has made the decision to reduce the round 5 match duration to 25 minutes. The commencement of the first timeslot will start 10 minutes earlier and subsequent timeslots will follow with new start times (listed below).
For the purpose of avoiding ambiguity, round 4 Tuesday night will have no impact to the schedule and will be played as the standard format and timeslots.  
Wednesday Round 5 matches will be played in a continuous flow with no half-time. Teams will swap playing direction each time a try is scored, noted as touchdown turnaround.

Division Grade
1st Time slot start time 6:30pm             Men’s Div 1
2nd Time Slot Start time 7:00pm           Men’s Div 2 / 3
3rd Time Slot Start time 7:30pm            Mixed Low

The online draw has been updated please ensure you check for the latest information.  

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