Players on the field The season is finally here!!!

On behalf of the new Balmain Touch Football committee, thank you for being with us for this season. We have seen great growth in the amount of teams that have registered, so you are all obviously as excited as we are for the season ahead.

The draw is now complete. Please see the draw on our website.

Please note the timeslots are 6.40pm, 7.30pm, and 8.20pm. Games will start promptly on time, as we must ensure they finish at the correct time to help encourage people leave their fields to prepare for the next game. 2 x 20min halves, and 2min break for half time.

A few key points to note when you hit the fields of Timbrell Park:

  1. Due to Covid, sign on at the ground is now done via QR code. Please have your smartphone with you, and register each week via the QR code on the club house. Failure to do so will mean you are not signed on for the game played, and you must have played 5 games minimum to qualify for finals. Additionally (and more importantly), as part of our Covid plan registered with council, we must have a list of all people at the ground each night.
  2. Sanitise your game balls, and please bring your own hand sanitizer as well. No hand shakes / high fives at the end of games please.
  3. Uniforms must be worn by all players. As a heads up to everyone, we have over 20 new teams to the competition. There will be a grace period for uniform for the first 4 weeks, as long as you have already ordered your uniform with a supplier. We know that there is a delay with many providers in getting uniforms out. After this, we will not allow players on the park without their playing gear. If you have any additional issues with this, please contact us to let us know your situation.
  4. Only registered players can take the field. We will be coming around the fields checking off registered players to numbers on the park. Please help us! If a player is not registered, that registration can be completed via a smartphone at the ground.
  5. Reminder for long time players, the rules to Touch Football have recently been updated to the 8th Edition. See attached for the rule book, plus videos explaining the changes.

Any questions, please ask. We will have the committee members on hand both Tuesday and Wednesday night. Feel free to come say hello.

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