1. Wet Weather: All games will be played unless extremely bad weather conditions have occurred and/or council has closed the grounds. No decision will be made by Balmain T.F.A. until 4:00pm on the day. In the event of the council closing the grounds early in the day, then the teams involved in the games that night will be informed by email as early as possible and there will be a message on the wet weather number. If games are cancelled, these games will be played the following week. In the event of poor weather call the following number after 4:00pm (02 9713 5909) if not notified by email ( it is important that each team has at least one email contact ).

  2. Timeslots:
    Tuesday:- Mixed Open 6:30pm, 7.20pm and 8:10pm
    Wednesday:- Mens Open and Mixed Open 6.30pm, 7:20pm

  3. Game Length & Format: Games will be made up of 2 x twenty minute halves for seniors. Games are 6-a-side. Mixed teams are required to have a minimum of 1 female on the field at one time and a maximum of 3 males. But you can always play more females in a mixed team.
  4. The age limit for juniors to play in the senior competition is 16.

  5. Gradings: A list of all players with previous experience and any other information relevant to assist the Grading Committee is to be provided on the Entry Form.

  6. Each team must register a minimum of ten (10) players and a maximum of sixteen (16) (but only 14 can be used in the finals.)

  7. Duty Team System: Each team will be rostered to report for duty on two (2) evenings during the Season. The responsibilities of the duty team include making available two (2) players to act as referees if required. Any team failing to full-fill duty commitments will forfeit three (3) competition points awarded for the bye and their bond. Duty referees please report to the clubhouse at least 10 mins before start of the game.

  8. Team Attire: All teams must be uniformly attired in t-shirts, shorts or briefs and socks (optional) with shoes. Playing shirts with white as the major colour is not permitted. Shirts must be numbered. No two players on the same team may wear the same number.

Identifying numbers are to be clearly displayed on the front or rear of the shirt (not less than sixteen (16) centimetres in height) or on both sleeves (not less than eight (8) centimetres in height). Sneakers and soft-spiked shoes only (moulded souls). Please be advised that screw-in style football boots or studs will not be permitted.


  1. Team Fees: All team fees must be FULLY paid up by Round 4 of the competition. Failure to do so may result with teams NOT PERMITTED to play in the competition until they are financial. Teams with any difficulty may seek an extension from the committee till Round 7. If team fees are still NOT rectified by Round 7, team(s) will not be awarded any points for any games WON or team(s) will no longer be permitted to participate in the competition.

  2. Team Registration / Insurance Sheets: all forms MUST be handed in by Round 4, otherwise teams will forfeit their insurance cover. All injuries must be reported to referee and written on the back of the Referee’s score card at the completion of the game and reported in the kiosk.

Touch footwear must be worn as there is NO insurance responsibility for any accidents related to person not wearing Touch Shoes.

  1. Forfeits: Teams forfeiting games without notice will lose their bond (another bond to be lodged before the teams next game),

Any team who forfeit more than two (2) games cannot take part in the Semi-Finals series. Unless forfeit is due to extremely bad weather and the team has chosen not to play. If teams forfeit three (3) games without notice, they may be removed from the competition.

A forfeit will be declared if a team has less than 5 players ready to play after the 10 minutes of that timeslot (mixed teams – maximum 3 guys and 1 girl or as many girls available ). All forfeits are recorded as a 0-10 loss and 10-0 win for non forfeiting team.

  1. Suspensions and Misconduct: Any player sent from the field of play for the remainder of the game for any misconduct including continuing backchat of referees, sledging of other players or officials, fighting, receives an automatic 2 week suspension,for the first offence and 4 week suspension for the second offence of the season, from the Competition effective immediately ( byes do not count and if the offender plays for more than I team, he or she is suspended with that team also e.g juniors, mixed Monday, mixed Tuesday, mens open wednesday). For any serious misconduct incidents the committee will request reports from opposing teams and officials, and take appropriate action. ( person does have the right to appeal an automatic 2 or 4 week suspension after paying the $50 appeal fee ) Persons appealing must be given 3 days notice prior to the appeal date

  2. Mexican Rule: The committee has decided to play the mexican rule. This means defending teams on their ‘try line’ must keep moving up to effect a touch on attacking team. Defending teams can no longer just stand on their try line without moving up. Mexican Rule will be played in all games.

  3. New Player’s Registration: New player’s registration ends Round 7 of the competition, which means you must have signed-on yourself and played at least one game by Round 7.

Any players who are unable to sign-on by Round 7 and wish to be registered to play must have a letter in writing submitted to the committee by Round 7 with the reasons. Any forfeits in the first 7 rounds will not qualify players, unless a letter has been submitted to the Tournament Committee. (eg player has major injury, knee, leg, arm, etc.) All players must sign and print their name and shirt number before taking the field (if you are running late you can sign on at half time) failure to do so if a check is made on the number of players you have signed on is not sufficient, is brought to our attention during the second half, your team will lose the points for that game.

  1. To Qualify For The Semi-Final Series: You must have SIGNED-ON YOURSELF AND PLAYED 5 GAMES on your team. Bye rounds do not count. Players whom are injured during the season can inform a Tournament Committee Member each week and sign on themselves as an ‘attending injured player’.

  2. Final Standings: In the event of teams finishing on equal points (4 Semi-Finalists) their position will be calculated by the ‘Difference Method’ that is subtracting the touchdowns “FOR” from the touchdowns “AGAINST”.

The team with Higher Positive difference will have the advantage. If the teams are still equal then the “Percentage Method” will be used i.e. “FOR divided by AGAINST” (eg. 25 / 16 = 1.5625 %).

The team with the higher percentage goes through or best results during rounds against each other. There are no plays-offs.

  1. Semi-Finals and Finals: This will be decided by final table standings with all sections/divisions being decided by the “Drop Off Procedure”. All Semi-Final teams will be advised prior to the Final series.
    In the event of too many washouts, the final series will be played
    1 verses 4, 2 verses 3 to make up a week

  2. Rules: A copy of the ‘Touch’ playing rules can be obtained from the N.S.W. Touch Association website

  3. Balmain Touch Football Association follows the guidelines as set out by NSW Touch but also has the right to modify rules or conditions deemed necessary for any Balmain Touch Football Association competitions.

  4. Balmain Touch Football Association also retains the right to accept or refuse player or team nominations at their discretion and without cause.

The winning teams of the LAST TIME SLOT are requested to collect the field markers and return them to the clubhouse.

All teams’ entry fees are not refundable after your team has been included on printed competition draws.

Full-time referees will be allocated where possible.

It is the responsibility of the team contact/captain/manager to ensure that all their players are fully aware of these rules and regulations as set out by the Balmain Touch Football Association.

Grand finals will be played on the same night as the competition night, date depending on the weather and how much time has been lost during the competition season.
By playing in the Balmain competition you are obliged to play at the time and day for the Grand Final, allotted to your team and not ask the Balmain Committee to change the time because you or some of your team are involved in another competition on that day.