Players Available (last updated - 14th June 2022)

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Coloured rows mean the players would like to stay in the same team.

Name Age Gender Playing Level Experience Division Email
Josh Ritchard-Stanley 20 M Beginner Played rugby league and Union since I was 5. Haven’t played touch except for school, but my history of head knocks and concussions has forced me to retire from contact sport, so I’d love to give touch a crack. I also came through the Balmain junior system in League so it would be good to continue with touch Tuesday Mixed
Zachary Wilson 24 M High 14 years - recently moved from Newcastle Mixed Tuesdays
Amber Sheridan 28 F Intermediate 5 years Womens Mondays
Alistair Goodison 41 M Intermediate / High 25 years - Live close. Can arrive within 5 mins. Looking for a permanent team in mixed and men's. Opens Mondays / Mixed Tuesdays
Aliriza Yucel 48 M Intermediate 10 years - Looking for a team that wants to run around and have a fun Tuesday night. Mixed Tuesdays
Lachlan Burdett 22 M Intermediate 10 years - Recently moved from QLD Opens Mondays / Mixed Tuesdays
Katie Van Der Donk 29 F Beginner I am new to the sport but eager to learn. Womens Mondays / Mixed Tuesdays
Zachary Weltz 24 M Intermediate 9 years Opens
Angus Hogg 38 M Intermediate 3 years Mixed Tuesdays
Joy Mulvey 43 F Beginner 2 years Womens' Mondays / Mixed Tuesdays
Patrick Crawford 30 M Beginner 2 years - I have been involved in two runners up men's teams (Bathurst comp) and am unsure about how my skill level would match a comp like this. I enjoy touch, take it seriously however am in it to have fun, make friends and enjoy the camaradarie and competition. Would an intermediate level be a realistic place to start for my position? Open / Mixed Tuesdays
Andrew Davis 39 M Intermediate 30 years - I'm from Sydney but have been living in Berlin the last 10 years. Played competitive touch there, traveling to tournaments around Europe. Now I’m back home in Sydney and looking to join a relatively social team. Opens / Mixed Tuesdays
Bec Bochtler 29 F Beginner Looking to try a new sport, meet people. Beginner level. Happy with mixed team. Mixed Tuesdays
Sarah Haigh 36 F Beginner 1 year - My partner (Laura Koefoed) and I are looking to join a social team for the winter comp. We would prefer to play in the womens category but are also open to mixed. Womens Mondays / Mixed Tuesdays
Laura Koefoed 28 F Beginner 1 year - My partner, Sarah Haigh, and I are looking for a social team to play in this Winter comp. Preferably womens but we would also play in mixed. We have limited experience but both go to the gym etc so are at least fit (ish) :) Womens Mondays / Mixed Tuesdays
Pino Foti 40 M High 25 years - Looking for a mixed division 3 team to join on Tuesday night winter comp. I've played in the summer comp for over 20 years. Mixed Tuesdays
Simon Tooma 31 M High 20 years - Recently moved from Brisbane to Sydney. Have played some rep as well as Div 1 mens and mixed at whites hill and in the metro cup Opens/Mixed Tuesdays
Blake Gibson 42 M Intermediate 2 years Tuesdays
Joel Gordon 38 M Intermediate 2 years - Happy to slot in anywhere. Used to play hybrid touch/league daily back in school, so have called myself intermediate with a couple of years experience based on that. Mixed Tuesdays
Jack Katen 28 M Intermediate 20 years Mixed Tuesdays
Daniel Rose 30 M Intermediate 15 years rugby/league/oz tag on/off Mixed/Mens
Chris Lamb 35 M Intermediate 10 years Mixed Tuesdays
Alex Julien 33 F Intermediate 4 years Mixed Tuesdays
Peter Dracos 37 M High 20 years Mixed/Mens
Ethan Hanna 21 M Beginner N/A Mixed (Tuesdays only)
Paul Galvin 39 M Intermediate 15 years Mixed (Tuesdays only)
Brett Davis 41 M Intermediate 8 years Mixed/Mens
Ben Schonell 24 M Intermediate 4 years Mixed/Mens
Jono Maloney 24 M Intermediate 3 years Mixed/Mens
Cameron Townshend 53 M Beginner 5 years Mixed/Mens
James Piper 33 M High 25 years Mixed
Skye Jackson 41 F Beginner N/A Mixed / Womens
James Anagnostou 39 M Intermediate 20 years rugby league background Mens
Clayton Woods 24 M Intermediate 19 years Mixed
Lachlan Woods 26 M Intermediate 10 years Mixed

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