Players Available (last updated - 2nd November 2020)

Teams that are short on players, are welcome to contact the people below who are looking for a team to play in the Balmain touch competition.

If you would like to be added to the list, please submit your details.

Coloured rows mean the players would like to stay in the same team.

Name Age Gender Playing Level Experience Division Email
Tim O'Sullivan 44 M Intermediate 5 years Mixed/Mens
Niall Carpenter 25 M Intermediate 4 years, haven't played in a while Mixed
Aaron 41 M Intermediate 5years Mixed/Mens
Farshid Dizaji 35 M Intermediate 20 years Mixed/Mens
Lachlan Paton 26 M Beginner/Intermediate Looking for a something fairly casual Mixed/Mens
Geoff Thomas 59 M Intermediate 20 years Mens
Tom Skinner 24 M Intermediate 1 year Mixed/Mens
Jay Sykes 33 M Beginner/Intermediate 5 years Mixed/Mens
Oliver Geoghegan 44 M Beginner 2 years, played a few comps in Johannesburg a few yrs ago. Want to get back into it for fun. Mixed
Georgia Laga'aia 15 F Beginner Played in school Mixed
Vern Robertson 38 F Beginner 4 years Mens
Nina Hetreles 15 F Beginner Played in school Mixed
Matt Hume 50 M High 10+ years Mixed
Richard McEwan 49 M Intermediate 40 years Mens
Anthony Griffis 50 M Intermediate 10 years playing in QLD. Haven't played since moving to NSW 7 years. Mixed
Vizina 29 F Beginner Looking to pick up a new hobby and happy to join any team! I'm relatively fit and keen to get stuck in to a new sport Mixed
David Burge 44 M Beginner/Intermediate 3-5 years Mixed/Mens
Ben Whelan 26 M Intermediate 2 years Mixed - Any Night
Paul 49 M Beginner Played tag league in the past Mixed/Mens
Mark Wynne 47 M Intermediate 20+ years, have played league all through my junior years Mixed
Rebecca Cratchley 30 F Intermediate 7 years Mixed Wednesdays
Erik Longstone 32 M Beginner None Mixed Wednesdays
Peter Gilchrist 60 M Intermediate 10 years Mixed
Jon Bristow 43 M Intermediate 20 years, looking to have a competitive run around with a good amount of fun and a social Mixed
Ellie Blake 22 F Intermediate 2 years during high school comps Mixed
Joanne Bacic 49 F Beginner 3 years Mixed
Jenny Wilson 37 F Intermediate 3 years Mixed
Jason Hogan 50 M Intermediate 20 years Mens
Stephen Brock 50 M Intermediate 30 years Mixed/Mens
Jordan Piper 23 M Intermediate/High 3 years, I’ve played league, union, touch and oztag! Would love to join a local team for some fun! Mixed/Mens
Bayly Miller 30 F Intermediate/High 20 years Mixed
Luke Kenniff 48 M Intermediate 20 years Mixed
Andrew Calov 40 M High 20 years Mixed/Mens

If you would like to be added or removed from this list, email or submit a website query via the contact us form.