Players Available (last updated - 25th November 2019)

Teams that are short on players, are welcome to contact the people below who are looking for a team to play in the Balmain touch competition.

If you would like to be added to the list, please submit your details.

Coloured rows mean the players would like to stay in the same team.

Name Age Gender Playing Level Experience Division Email
Nicholas Blake 35 M Intermediate 10+ years. Haven't played for 5 years. Mixed/Mens
Siobhan 20s F Beginner 0, is athletic Mixed
Emma Love 35 F Beginner 1 year Mixed
John Harding 22 M Intermediate 3 years Mixed/Mens
Matthew Carr 24 M Intermediate 3 years Mens
Beth Debreczeny 29 F Intermediate 4 year Mixed
Jessica Payne 19 F Beginner 1 year Mixed
Marlee Redshaw 27 F Beginner 3 years Mixed
Sophie Palka 31 F Beginner 2 years Mixed
Daniel White 24 M Beginner 3 years Mixed/Mens
Kerrie Birse 36 F Beginner Less than 1 year, Trains hard in the gym and work in a gym, working on both strength and aerobic fitness, from QLD and looking for some social fitness outside of gym. Mixed
Matthew Koh 23 M Intermediate 3 years Mixed
Alexander Humphreys 18 M Beginner No experience, athletic, keen to play Mixed
Shane Duggan 47 M Beginner 2 Years in 2014-2015 Mixed
Kishen Napier 25 M Beginner/Intermediate 1 year, played Summer Oztag 18/19 & Winter Touch on the Central Coast 19. Good at Link and strong defensively as well Mixed
Kishendra Napier 25 M Beginner New to the area from the central coast, haven’t played a team sport since high school (field hockey). Good level of fitness overall, keen to play. Mixed
Chris Pidcock 33 M Beginner/Intermediate 5 years, played rugby union at school, rowed for my university, I’m super tall and I enjoy team sports Mixed / Mens
Jordan Brown 23 M Beginner/Intermediate 2 years Mixed / Mens
Friedrich Schulz 33 M Beginner 2 years Mixed / Mens
Teddy Collins 20 M Intermediate 2 years, playing rugby union on weekends, looking for some extra fitness Mixed / Mens
Alistair Murphy 30 M Intermediate / High Played since juniors Mixed / Mens
Adam Priest 23 M Intermediate / High 15 years, 2 years off Mixed AND Mens
Phil Barba 25 M Intermediate / High Played div one men’s state cup for West and Carlingford Mixed AND Mens
Ethan Maas 28 M Beginner / Intermediate 3 seasons, on and off Mixed/Mens
Tiffaney Wales 21 F Intermediate / High 10 years Mixed
Rose Love 32 F Beginner/Intermediate 3 years, haven't played for 12 years Mixed

If you would like to be added or removed from this list, email or submit a website query via the contact us form.