Rules of Conduct

The latest official Touch Football Australia playing rules can be found on their website, but here is a direct link to a downloadable PDF of the 8th Edition Rules which is the current level being played in touch football.

For general information on junior touch football, the Touch Football Australia website has good references.


Balmain Junior Touch Codes of Conduct:
Code of Conduct - Player/Parents (downloadable PDF)
Code of Conduct - Officials (downloadable PDF)
Code of Conduct - Touch Football Australia (downloadable PDF) - Covers Athletes (Players), Coaches, Officials, Administrators, Parents & Spectators and what behaviour is expected from them.

This is all covered in the Touch Football Australia website.


  1. All players must wear the official BJTA playing singlet – no player will be allowed to take the field if not properly attired.
  2. Forfeits – Teams forfeiting will be deemed to have lost 5-0 to team forfeited against. We would appreciate early notice of forfeit as a courtesy to opposition teams as we can often arrange a game for the other team when given enough notice.
  3. Boys/Mixed Competitions – there are no rules regarding number of males/females on field at any time.
  4. Squad size – it is recommended that you register at least 9 players to your team squad. This will hopefully reduce forfeits if players unavailable for some games. (This does not apply to U7s)
  5. Coaches/Managers allowed on field in U7 games ONLY
  6. Competition is six (6) players on the field at any time in all ages
  7. Unregistered Players – you cannot use a player who is not registered in your team.