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Our Executive Board Members

  • President - Joe Dougall
  • Vice President - Alan Hill
  • Vice President - Frank Dunne
  • Treasurer - Richard Stone
  • Secretary - Emma Broadbent
  • Executive - Budgie Buhagiar
  • Executive - Sharlene Wong
  • Executive - Tanya Ryan
  • Executive - Tony Bignold
Committee Members
  • Courtney Locane
  • Dilani Fahey
  • Elisa Lai
  • Mel Quinn
Previous Committee

President - Wayne Calleja Vice President - Ben Jones Treasurer - Richard Stone Secretary - Dilani Fahey Head of Digital - Sharlene Wong


A guy named Brian (DIXIE) walks into an AGM, no one else puts their hand up to run the competition, so Brian walks out of the AGM, Secretary, with a broken alarm clock and a shaky fold up card table, and later that week starts running the Balmain Touch Competition down the park.

That WAS 1978...YES 1978 ...Forty Two years ago.

Roll the clock forward, a guy named Paul (ROBBO) is helping Brian out a bit and Brian says "we don’t have a President; do you want to do it? You could give me a hand; you are already doing stuff anyway."

Paul says, "ok while you are doing it I can give you a hand, but as soon as someone comes along and puts their hand up I will stop and they can do it."

That WAS 2007. Thirteen Years ago.

Since and during the last 42 years a number of significant things happened.

Way back in 1984 Brian applied for an ‘Owner’s Builder License’ , which was approved, and Brian helped build the BTA Clubhouse at Timbrell Park which became the home of Touch Football in the area and still remains to this day.

In 2010 Paul applied for an ‘Owners Builders License’ for a Lighting Plan for Timbrell Park, stage one of which was the upgraded lighting for BTA. Paul arranged finance and oversaw the installation as an Owner Builder.

More recently both Paul and Brian have been working closely with Balmain Juniors and Canada Bay Council towards redeveloping the existing Clubhouse and public change facilities into an ultra modern facility for the Touch Community and all park users to enjoy.

These are just a few of the many significant events, there are many more, in the history of the Balmain Touch Association that a couple of ‘reluctant’ Touch Guys helped achieve by contributing time and effort over many, many years.

Brian has decided that a 'lifetime' of nights is probably long enough, and Paul true to his word, is resigning with him, both knowing they have always worked hard for the betterment of the players on the Park.

We would like to thank these well deserving Life Members for their passionate support of Touch Football and selfless years of contributions to the Balmain Touch football Association.

Tale Of Tape At Balmain

Life Member
Administration - 42 years
Player: Played at Balmain over 30 years and represented Balmain in:
Mens Open, Mens 30’s, 35’s, 40’s, 50’s , Coached many teams from Juniors to Adults.

Life Member
Administration - 20+ years
Player: Played at Balmain over 40 years (still playing) and represented Balmain in:
Mens Open/30s/35s/40s/45s/50’s/Masters , Mixed Open/Snr Mixed.
Coached: Boys U10’s/12’s/14’s/16’s/18’s , Mixed Open/Snr Mixed, Mens Open/40’s/45’s/50’s , Womens U20’s.

Message from Paul Robinson