We at Balmain Touch hope you are all well and coping physically and mentally during these difficult times.

The purpose of this message is to let you know we are still here, and are looking forward to commencing both our park competition, and, for those interested, entering teams in the Representative Competitions, Vawdon and State Cups.

In line with this please see below a message from the NSW Touch General Manager Dean Russell:
"The NSWTA is currently working on scenario planning to prepare for what the 2020 senior representative season might look like. These plans will be subject to the status of the public health orders and the level of rewinding of current lockdown provisions. The NSWTA will continue to put plans in place for events to occur should the green light be given. How all tiers of Government respond will dictate the when and importantly the how our events might be played. While NSWTA has not detailed if and when their representative events may take place, we are continuing with our planning and therefore are calling for expressions of interest in Vawdon Cup representing Balmain Touch Football Assocation. "

As you can see NSW Touch will not be giving ANY approvals before the Health Minister's office has given the precise rules and regulations that need to be implemented, applied and enforced.

Those interested in playing in this year's Vawdon cup, could you please complete the EOI form. We realise this is not a 'full commitment' as it is unreasonable to expect that without knowing ALL the details. At this stage it's only an E.O.I.