Team Registration for Super Spring Senior Competition at Balmain

Winter Competition has been abandoned. All teams and players will be transferred to the new competition.

It is a 16-round comp plus finals, starting 20th September.

Games are played at Timbrell Park, Five Dock.
(nearest cross street, Augusta St)

Winter Teams Transferred

If you have nominated in the winter competition, you will automatically be transferred to the new competition. The Mens/Womens competition on Mondays, will be moved to Wednesdays, due to the Junior competition being held on Mondays.

If you are unable to play, please let your manager know, and they can contact us to request a refund. It would be helpful if the manager lets us know who in the team requires a refund and we'll do a bulk transfer to the manager to distribute out individually.

Senior Team Nominations

Teams are not guaranteed in their nominated division as we will be balancing out the divisions according to the teams' playing level, as well as numbers. Spots are limited for each slot. First in, first served. Registrations will close in each division once we have hit the limit. Teams are then required to have the minimum 10 players registered within a reasonable time, otherwise we will open up to other teams who are on the waiting list. If you require players, please check the player availability list.

Regrading will take place after Round 4.

A Whatsapp group for all managers of the super spring competition teams will be created.

Register your team into the below timeslot

Comp When Time slots (team rego links)
Mixed Open Tuesday nights Div 1 - 6:30pm
Div 2 - 7.20pm
Div 3 - 8:10pm
Mens Wednesday nights Div 1 - 6:30pm
Div 2 - 7.20pm
Div 3 - 8:10pm
Womens Wednesday nights Social - 6:30pm

Additional divisions may be added pending playing levels. Game times may change weekly, due to referee/field availability.

Cost is per player = $100. When managers register their team in MySideline using the above links, they will receive a player registration link to forward to their team and player payment is done during the registration process. If you are not registered by Round 1, you are unable to take the field.

If you are a Junior player (under 18 years old), playing in the Senior competition, you can register for $60 using the junior registration link. Please let us know via email which team you're playing with in the Senior competition and we will move you there, once you have registered.

For players playing in more than one competition, when registering in a second competition (or more), you will only pay an additional $60. You will also need to contact us via email to specify the competition/team you are playing in. If you are using the second team link as your main registration (and you're a senior), we will not move you across to the team, and you will be unregistered until you are registered in the original team.

There is a minimum of 10 players per team, and must all be registered two weeks before the start of competition.

Uniforms need to be set before round 1. Everyone in the team has to have the same pattern/colour and a unique number. This notice is going out earlier than usual, and turnaround time for uniforms to be made is from 4-6 weeks. Please let us know if you are having difficulty with uniforms as we do have a few spare sets for a good price. Additionally, the club's apparel partner, ISC, will provide discounted pricing for any Balmain Touch teams.

Balmain Touch has uniforms for sale:

  • Numbered shirts (set of 18 of various sizes) for $500
  • Numbered, reversible singlets (minimum order of 10) $10/singlet.

ISC, Balmain’s uniform supplier, is offering teams a discounted price for uniforms ($26 singlets, $26 shorts, $30 shirts). Teams can choose their team colours and add sponsors to these.

Please contact us via email if you would like to purchase Balmain Touch uniforms or for more information on the ISC uniform deal.

Add me to player pool Players Availability
Looking for extra players? Check out our available players page for players looking for a team.

Looking for a team? To be added to the list, please fill out your details online and we will do our best to get you into a team and you'll be added to the availability list on the website so team managers can contact you directly.

How to Register a team?

  1. Managers, register your team under your chosen spring competition in MySideline website via the links above in the table.
  2. After the team is registered, each player needs to be registered individually using the link the manager will receive when registering the team.

If you're a Junior player playing in the Senior comp, once registered, please email us to let us know which team your child is playing in.

If you are a senior player and you have registered via the second team link as your first team, you will be considered unregistered until you register with your original team.

Team registrations will close on the 31st August.

Quick Links

Register your team     Player Registration     Junior Player Registration     Add me to player pool

For further information, contact:
Senior Competition Registrar
Sharlene Wong - Digital Coordinator

To find out details about junior touch football, ages up to 17 years of age, please contact our junior affiliate. Website at Balmain Junior Touch Association. To play seniors you need to be a minimum of 14 years of age.