Winter Competition 2020 Reinstated

A last-minute, shortened, casual winter competition has been organised, starting next week, 27th July. It will go for 6 rounds with no finals, and will be an opportunity for those looking for a run.

The sole purpose of this last minute competition was to have our representative players eligible for the upcoming Vawdon Cup, which is the Sydney metropolitan representative competition. Due to COVID-19 circumstances, the winter competition was cancelled, and we were hoping that eligibility would extend the last two competitions, Summer 2019/2020 and Winter 2019. Unfortunately, that's not the case, hence the urgent need for a winter competition in 2020.

This competition is more of a casual hit out than a normal competition that had finals and prize money. For those that have been itching to play, there are spots available for single players to join a team. Please fill out your details on the player availability form so you can be added to the list. Vacant spots go to the representative players as first preference.

Costs to play will be per person, and will cover the costs of running the shortened comp, including affiliate fees, park hire, lights hire, and referees.

The game format will be 25 minute turnaround, no half time.

A men's competition will be held on Monday evenings.
A mixed competition will be held on Tuesday evenings.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are rules to be followed for the duration of the competition. Here are the quick links from the NSW Touch website referencing the COVID-19 updates.

  • EVERYONE MUST DOWNLOAD THE COVIDSAFE APP onto their phones prior to turning up to the grounds.
  • EVERYONE brings their own water bottle and towel, labelled with their names.
  • EVERYONE brings their own sanitiser.
  • If you are sick, DO NOT TURN UP to the grounds and stay home.

Official documents from NSW Touch:

From the government:
Please be Mindful of Your Responsibility in our shared spaces Prevent the Spread of Germs Practise Good Hygiene