Team Registration for Winter Competition at Balmain

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Team Registrations

  • Team registrations are now open.
  • Individuals can then be sent the player registration link from their team manager and pay their registration fees.
  • The Mens, Womens competition will be 12 rounds over 10 weeks, plus finals, and begin on Monday 29th April
  • The Mixed competition will be 12 rounds over 10 weeks, plus finals, and begin on Tuesday 30th April
  • Grand Finals will be played on the respective competition night
  • There will be no matches played on the Monday 10th June due to King's Birthday public holiday.
  • All teams must have a minimum of 12 registered players by Round 1. Registration will remain as follows:
    • $80 per person (1st team registration)
    • $40 per person (2nd and subsequent team registration) Once the form is submitted, details will be sent on how to register into your other team.
    • $50 per person under 18 years of age for your first registration, then $25 registration for any subsequent teams. (minimum registration age is 14)
  • It’s a requirement that all playing participants hold a current TFA membership. If your MySideline profile doesn’t have a membership attached, you will be promoted to register and pay at the time of your player registration. It’s a one time fee of $22 for the year.

Register your team

Additional notes, and further explanation to be sent to team managers:

  • All teams will be reviewed prior to the commencement of the competition and a secondary review by round 5 to ensure appropriate division alignment.
  • Any team that does not have 12 players registered by Round 1 are subject to removal from the competition or other penalties such as reduction of competition points. Mixed teams must have a minimum of 5 registered female players.
  • All players must have played 5 games minimum to qualify for finals. As such, registrations will be closed half way through the competition
  • Full compliance for team uniforms by round 4. Team Managers are required to notify BTA and seek approval should they require uniform dispensation for the first 3 rounds. From round 4, and the teams who haven’t requested approval, players will not be allowed to take the field if not uniform compliant.
  • As part of the uniform, each player must wear an identical shirt/jersey with a unique player number clearly visible on the back of the shirt.
  • Timeslots across divisions will be 6.40pm or 7.30pm. An 8.20pm slot may open depending on the number of teams playing in the competition.
  • In the event of washout rounds due to field closures or dangerous weather, where possible matches will be rescheduled to a later date and will likely to be played as a ‘double header’ fixture. Pending total team participation, this may not be possible for all divisions.
  • For the lower division compeittions per the rules, the committee will monitor all teams to ensure representative players are not loaded in a low-grade team.
  • The operational committee will conduct a second suitability review after the completion of round 5 and make any additional regrading if required.

* 8.20pm timeslot will only be scheduled as a backup, if required, depending on the number of teams. This will be rotated evenly amongst the participating teams.

Playing Gear

Players who don’t have the correct matching playing shirt, and a unique playing number, will not be allowed to take the field by match officials.

We have a partnership with ISC to provide Balmain teams with discounted playing jerseys. Plesae mention you're playing in the Balmain competition and they will look after you. Feel free to design your own or take one of their stock designs.

We also have sets of 14 playing jerseys (male and female cuts) in stock for teams that wish to purchase them for $280.

Players Availability

If any teams need assistance filling a few spots in their side, please let us know and we will assist where possible.

Looking for extra players? Check out our available players page for players looking for a team. We have been getting interest from a lot of single players, and have been putting them straight into teams.

Looking for a team? To be added to the list, please fill out your details online and we will do our best to get you into a team otherwise you'll be added to the availability list on the website so team managers can contact you directly.

If you have any further questions, please reach out via email and we will respond ASAP.